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iLift™ Vacuum Pro
iLift™ Vacuum Pro
iLift™ Vacuum Pro
iLift™ Vacuum Pro
iLift™ Vacuum Pro
iLift™ Vacuum Pro
iLift™ Vacuum Pro

iLift™ Vacuum Pro

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1. Extract Blackheads Effortlessly

The Blackhead Vacuum helps anyone who wants to refine their pores, remove blackheads, reduce grease and rejuvenate their skin. We guarantee better skin conditions within 7 days of using our blackhead vacuum!


2. Decrease Skin Irritation

Using Blackhead strips and other harsh chemicals often causes skin irritation and creates capillary abrasions. These marks often take a long time to heal. Using our product, you can ensure that no unwanted chemicals and synthetic ingredients come into contact with open pores.

3. Unblock Clogged Pores, Remove Acne

Pores in your face get clogged with oil, dust, and dead skin cells. Everyday dirt and debris you encounter often add to the problem and cause blackheads and acne. Now, you have the perfect tool to counteract the daily struggle your skin faces with the environment we live in.



  • Powerful suction removes blackheads & impurities deep below the surface
  • 3 suction levels suitable for all skin types
  • Unclogs pores & removes excess oil
  • Prevents & clears up acne
  • Hides blemishes & wrinkles
  • Heads are easily cleaned between use
  • 5 different beauty heads each designed for a unique function from extracting blackheads to exfoliating dead skin cells & hiding wrinkles
  • USB charging so you can take it with you and use it when you want


1) Use after a hot shower or place a hot wet towel on your face for 5-10min to help "open" pores. Make sure your face is clean of excess oils before use.

2) Choose the correct suction head and level, start at the lowest level and work your way up.

3) Glide the device across your face, focusing on areas with blackheads. Don't leave the device in one spot for more than 3 seconds at a time.

4) Wash your face with a gentle soap that does not contain fragrances or harsh chemicals. Pat dry with a clean towel.

5) Finish off by applying toner and moisturizer to your face (for your first purchase we will send you one free Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream). Don't forget to wash the removable heads between use!

Beauty Tip: Use your free hand to hold the area around the vacuum tight as you use it to help increase suction area and prevent marks.


Be honest. Are your blackheads obvious and irritating? If you're self-conscious about your blackheads, we are here to give you some good news. With the GLOWbright Advanced Electric Facial Pore Cleanser, simply suck out all of your blackheads completely in less than a minute. Say hello to smoother, healthier skin and a radiant glow!

Get AMAZING results!



IPL treatment session: 20 - 40 minutes

Costs: $300 per treatment

LED treatment session:  3-5 minutes

Costs: from $120 to $170 per treatment.

Skin peeling treatment session: 1-2 hours

Costs: from $170 to $350.

Isolaz Pore Laser Therapy: 4-5 treatments

Costs: up to $400 per session  

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🙅🏽‍♀️No more pore strips or harsh chemicals! 🙅🏽‍♀️

Say goodbye to those days of painful skin care and say hello to Youthful beauty skin!



Our product uses the most advanced skin rejuvenating technology now able to remove 40% more blackheads than traditional techniques. 



If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support to get an easy refund. We just ask that you at least give the product a 2 week try and we'll refund you, no questions!

HIGH DEMAND - Order arrives in 1-3 weeks

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