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SpinalBliss™ Therapy - Lumbar Traction Device
SpinalBliss™ Therapy - Lumbar Traction Device
SpinalBliss™ Therapy - Lumbar Traction Device
SpinalBliss™ Therapy - Lumbar Traction Device
SpinalBliss™ Therapy - Lumbar Traction Device
SpinalBliss™ Therapy - Lumbar Traction Device

SpinalBliss™ Therapy - Lumbar Traction Device

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Doctors and therapists recommend SpinalBliss™ to alleviate back pain, as the increased circulation and flexibility it brings can loosen tight muscles and help protect against future pain. Our SpinalBliss™ is gentle, comfortable, and effective at relaxing tight muscles to help restore your spine’s healthy mobility while improving circulation. SpinalBliss™ can help with:



Treating chronic or acute lower back pain is easy with SpinalBliss™. Using it for just 10 minutes each day, can increase spinal strength, improve back muscles, and even help to increase arterial blood flow to your discs. Treating lumbar spondylosis (which relates to age-related wear and tear) is also easy by using SpinalBliss™ regularly.


Tom S
If you have lower back pain, this is for you! Due to several injuries, my entire back is a mess and I’m in almost constant pain. I’ve been through chiropractic and many other alternatives and nothing gave me the relief this unit does. This is worth every penny!

Mary L
In the last 2 months, I was diagnosed with a disc herniated. Before using this machine I had lower back and left leg pain caused by the compression of a sciatic nerve. SpinalBliss was the only thing that helped me, I hope my experience can help someone out there. I know now how hard and painful can be a disc herniated.

Charlotte G
I occasionally wake up with low back pain, so I ordered this back stretcher with infrared heat. I absolutely LOVE it - it relieves my pain and gets me going! Best product ever!

Sarah R
I work while sitting in a chair from 9-7 daily and this massager was a lifesaver. It is absolutely SPECTACULAR for back massages. It helps me with my back pain and it’s just unbelievably wonderful. I’m so glad I bought it. I totally recommend this for those who have jobs like me.



Support Spinal Alignment

Improvement in Mobility

Heal Damaged Tissue

Relax Back Pain

The benefits are endless...

Not All Device Therapy Is The Same 3 Modes You Would Love: Relax, Improve & Heal

Temperature Control

The heating function provides a soothing and invigorating heat that delivers a warm and gentle massage. It will leave your muscles relaxed while promoting blood circulation and relaxing tight muscles

Dynamic Traction

SpinalBliss™ is designed for individuals who want to improve their spinal mobility and reduce back pain. But it also comes with some surprising benefits. It helps improve posture and increases your range of motion

Electric Pulse

The pulse electrotherapy is designed to open new doors to effective pain relief. It sends a gentle impulse and directly stimulates the sensory receptors that signal pain, reducing or sometimes even eliminating it

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